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An Ocean Apart
(Robin Pilcher)

After losing his wife and the love of his life, Rachel, to cancer, David Corstorphine starts spending most of his time working in his parents' garden, where he tries to escape the grief and regain the order he has lost in his life. However, in an attempt to stop a crisis in the family business, Glendurnich Distilleries, David leaves his three children behind in a boarding school and travels from Scotland to America where he realises he is unable to resume his old life and job.

Instead he takes a job as a gardener with a family on Long Island, and it is there that he slowly finds his way back to something to call a life. He meets and befriends a woman named Jasmine, the boy Benji and his mother Jennifer, and through their friendship and care, David is able to smile again ? despite missing his children. By chance he makes a discovery that takes him on another journey ? home this time, where he is able to fix the things that he left behind unfinished and also to make up with his past before it is too late. The two different sides of David's life meet ? again by chance, and love finds the way into his life again.

Robin Pilcher follows in his mother?s footsteps and tells an amazing tale of loss, healing, friendship and love. An Ocean Apart is Robin Pilcher?s debut novel and in it he makes a lot of promises for future writings. Pilcher knows how to tell a story, and David Corstorphine?s story in An Ocean Apart is one that the reader just don?t want to put down until having finished reading it. It pulls at the heart stings and gets under the skin. A wonderful book for a rainy afternoon ? and one you will remember.

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