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Take A Ride With Jenny The Ghost
(Thomas MThoba)

Take a ride with Jenny the Ghost
Saturday, known for jolly rides and playing in the Cities, this was no different as it was, summer holidays, with everyone, thinking of a cold, beer if not juice. African summer is very hot that some areas, temperature reaches plus minus 40 degrees Celsius, this Saturday was even worse.
I woke late around eleven in the morning feeling tired as if I was digging the trenches the previous day. Then took a shower that brought my strength again so felt very fresh and quickly had breakfast, because I was late going to the meeting place on a drinking spree where my partners were already waiting for me. On arrival, I was astounded by green bottles of lager, which were already battling for space on the table and my partners were somehow intoxicated. We pushed the day till half past ten at night. As usual, we hiked taxis back to our different places. Fortunately, I got the taxi to my Suburb, the driver knew me very well, so he dropped me by the shopping center.
All the streets were so empty and quite that you could hear sound of papers softly being blown away by wind, ten meters away, I saw, this woman going the same direction. As you know man sometimes are lured quickly with women, so like wise, I started pounding a bit faster to catch up with her. Getting there I could not wait to ask her name, in response I was acknowledged that she was Jenny, and asked where she was going that hour because it was dangerous for a lady to be traveling this time of the day. Again I seemed to know most of the people staying in that area except her. Actually she claimed to be staying in the same area, only that she got carried away drinking until late in town.
She sounded as genuine a possible that I easily bought her story. Since the influence of alcohol was powerful I suggested to accompany her to where she was going and have a bit of funny with this brilliant and beautiful lady, so on the way I bought few more beers to drink at her place. Well what an ending, with a gorgeous lady I had never seen in the universe, my conscience had settled for a marriage.
The grape vine of Jenny the Ghost was all over, but it didn?t clinch in my mind that something of that nature could be true. So we proceeded to her place. The area, changed as we trembled the streets down, it became green and beautiful, nice house and big wards. I positive loved the area. It was dark but I visually see a beautiful mansion in front that she said was hers. Well there was a young man from an old and overcrowded suburb. Amazingly the gate was remote controlled, the pavement was magnificent.
The house was golden furniture with very expensive material that I would opt to stay here forever that was heaven for me. Sitting on her lounge suit I felt the comfort that I had never endured in my life my drinks went down softly listening to the lowly tuned western music. Time to sleep was also wonderful, very comfortable that I had not to rush sleeping with the lady sexually because this was my destination. Illusion was the language and the name of the game, because when I woke up in the morning I was in the graveyard sleeping on the ground my head pillowed on the rock with two empty bottles of back Labels laying on the other side.

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