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Wise Or Otherwise
(Sudha Murthy)

The author has used her wide gamut of experience to good effect. With her experience, she has proved one thing for sure: Common Sense and Humanity is independent of Education. The book is a compilation of small anecdotes which the author has experienced during her trips to several villages and places in India and abroad. What makes the book even more interesting is that these are all real life incidents that the author has faced or experienced.
The experience with the tribal leader who does not take the much needed help without giving something in return says about the age-old belief that we need to give something back when we take something. The author is at loss of words when she finds such wisdom amoung uneducated tribal people and there is no trace of it amoung the so called educated ones. One such experience she shares is of her cook who despite all her miseries is always happy. Her husband has deserted her and she has to raise a child. Yet, she looks at the positive side of life as her child is bright and understands the pain of her mother. On the other hand, the author?s friend who is working in an MNC is always complaining about something or the other. This guy has everything one can thing of yet he is complaining because he is there to find faults in everything. These people according to the author are never happy.
The author touches upon many topics like women empowerment, making difference in somebody?s life, unsung heroes, teachers, and the next generation and so on. The experience that the author has shared are valuable as these are the stepping stones for one?s success in life.
Just read the book!!! Don?t bother about what will get from the book. The book is worth much more than anybody can think of.

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