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Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Talk about a man who invites the public to read his ideas on jesus just to profit from re introducing jesus as someone who not only loved people but prostitutes also.And handing out imoral issues of our beliefs in religions. Dan brown may have been a priest who seem somewhat confused about his own existance although he may have lived a damaged past, It doesn't mean he can turn all religions to become what he believed in. And make his damaged past look clean and moral. His books may be fascinating and tell secreates that should not have even been told in the first place. Yet I wonder what was Dan Browns real secreate. What is he hiding underneath that dark sheild he is wearing. He made a book that would sell and he knew how to entice people into his well written words of interests. He may be pocketing millions, but I wonder is he pocketing any love and content from his new found wealth.Well I'll not lie I too did enjoy the book and found it moved me at first, and it took me into a different idea of though, only because I wished it was true, until I fully recovered I thought Dan Brown has a clever way of playing with ones mind. He truely has written an amazing book, if people take the fiction. Yet there are those who are still working on his ideas. Withoput the dog collar I would say he was a genius of his own making. And I rate this book a very good read as a fictional master writer. It draws one into a world of mystery and far reaching images of a given thought and an idea to try to change our beliefs in the holy grail and of religon.

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