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Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Dan Brown has written this controversial exhaustively
researched thriller about secret religious societies,
ancient cover-ups, cryptograms, anagrams and a savage
vengeance. I was given this book by my daughter to read on a
train on one of my trips to Pune. I could not stop reading
till I reached last page.

Dan Brown?s extensive research on secret societies and
symbology adds intellectual depth to this page-turning
thriller. His surprising revelations on Da Vinci?s penchant
for hiding codes in his paintings will lead the reader to
search out renowned artistic icons as The Mona Lisa, The
Madonna of the Rocks and The Last Supper. The Last Supper
holds the most astonishing coded secrets of all and, after
reading The Da Vinci Code, you will never see this famous
painting in quite the same way again.

Dan Brown has, in this book created some controversial
Christian religious beliefs. He states that in the year 325
the newly converted King Constantine assembled the Council
of Nicea, a gathering of Bishops from around the world in
present day Turkey and wrote the first version of the now
famous creed proclaiming that the Jesus was the son of God.
Constantine then later compiled the New Testament. Brown
adopts that until that moment in history, Jesus was viewed
by His followers as a mortal prophet, a great and powerful
man, but a man nonetheless.

He goes further and says that there was a marriage between
Jesus and Mary Magdalene that produced a royal bloodline in
France. In short Brown?s views about Christianity are that
almost everything we know about Christ as given in the Bible
is false.
This stunning thriller has provoked much debate.

I am of the view that one should take it as fiction and
enjoy reading it. Once you start reading it I am sure you
will not put it down till you have finished.

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