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Taj Mahal - A Wonder Made By A Lover
(Nilesh Parekh)

In the present article the author has specified
the back ground of the one of the seven wonders of the world that is
the Taj Mahal located in Agra of India. The monumental as well as the
significance combining with the ethics of the love author emphasised on
the preservation of the monument with lot of care.
The author explained the beautiful structure was built in the city of Agra, in state of
Uttar Pradesh. The colossal architecture is situated on the banks of
the Yamuna River and has a huge ground on its back side which gives a
beautiful starry background to it. Taj Mahal was build in memory of the
beautiful wife of Mughal Prince, her name was Arjuman Bano Begum. The
Prince Khurram (who was third son of Mughal Emperor Jahangir) and his
wife loved each other so much that they never stayed away from each
other, even when the prince went on for wars, they lived together.

About the prince on becoming king after some years; changed his name and
was called "Shahjahan" which means 'Ruler/King of the whole World'.
Shahjanan then honored his wife Arjuman Bano with name 'Mumtaj Mahal'.
The king and queen continued loving each other the way they did, and
the queen accompanied king Shahjahan in every campaign he set for, even
when she was pregnant. Around year 1931 when Mumtaj Mahal was pregnant,
she accompanied the king when he started his campaign to win the
southern states of India. Mumtaj Mahal, who gave birth to about
fourteen children (of which only four male and three female children
survived), died during childbirth at Burhanpur, at the age of 39 years.

The legends and some stories picturize the Shah Jahan as self imprisoned personality due to some of his grave mistakes.
Shahajahan was a garden lover.He built gardens on the banks
of the Yamuna River . And to construct the gread Tajmahal he choosen
this river bank.
The socialist view of construction of the monument has been pointed
out by the author with the required details.According to him,the
construction of the monument began in 1633. The monument was so
huge that about 20,000 workers worked for more than 17 years to build
it. The King had brought skilled workers from all over India and some
neighboring countries also such as Baghdad, Turkey etc. A renowned
architect Ustaad Ahmed Lahori was the chief architect for this project;
he was accompanied by the counterparts who were from Delhi an Baghdad.
Every outline, every look of the structure were discussed in details,
many trials were carried out in order to find out the appropriate
choice for every possible artwork. Various beautiful parts of the Taj
Majal were specially ordered from various countries.

The main dome of Taj Mahal measures about 110 yards in
circumference and is about 107 yards above the ground. The base on
which the Taj Mahal is resting is called Mahajar-e-Mushababbak, which
was specially designed from Turkish designers. It is said that the
tombs of Humayun and Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khana (Delhi) inspired the
design and structure of the monument Taj Mahal at certain extent. The
cost of building such a huge architectural structure was about 50 lakhs
in those days.

The single article can not delienate the whole information on the Tajmahal however main facts were highlighted.

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