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The Davinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Dan Brown crafts a thrilling tale through Robert Langdon, a misplaced symbologist who ends up on a wild chase starting in the Louvre Museum in Paris. After being pulled into a murder investigation of an elderly curator in the museum, Landon hooks up with Sophie Neveu, granddaughter of the murdered curator.
Noticing clues left by the murdered man, both realize that in his death, he was trying to tell them something. This curator, Sophie's grandfather, was part of a secret society, the Priory of Sion. This society whose members allegedly included Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo, and Da Vinci, had a secret, that if not discovered, would be lost forever. The curator's clues send Robert and Sophie on an eldless chase, one clue to the next, looking for the truth of the Holy Grail.
Robert and Sophie seek the help of long time friend Teabing, an Englishman living in France. Through what seemed to be his help, they work forward towards finding the Grail. Many elaborate clues, filled with symbols, numbers, and puzzles are found and solved along the way.
Unfortunately, Teabing was not what he seemed and through many near-misses and adventures the two end up in England. Here again they feel that they are getting close to the truth, only to have set backs. Although they do not find exactly what they thought they were looking for, they do discover that the essence of Holy Grail in fact was not a thing, but a secret. The theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene began a blood line was solidified when Sophie not only found the secret, but found her true identity in this picture.

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