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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan brown)

Back ground: Christanity believes that Jesus was an ascetic
who never treaded a family life and died single. But a
small sect priory of sion accepts him as a married man with
bloodline relatives and his lineage is recorded in the attested
old documents.

Da Vici code says,Jesus was just an ordinary man,who was
not divine,did not die for sins and was not resurrected.
The story is about the murder of a curator Jacques Sauniere,
within Louvre museum and an unusual code was found near
his dead body. Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon was called
to decipher the code. Langdon teams up with a gifted French
cryptologist, Sophie Neveu to decode the baffling cipher.
Amidst solving the enigmatic riddle, Langdon is profusely
zapped to discover that it leads to a trail of clues hidden
in the works of Da Vinci who is known to be a prankster,
leaving secret messages ingeniously hidden in his painting.

Again Langdon is taken aback by the fact that the late
curator was involved in the priory of sion, the ancient
secret society that preserved information about Jesus and
Mary Magdalene?s marriage and also their descendants. This
secret society?s had influential members like Sir.Isaac
Newton, Victor Hugo, Boticelli, Leonardo Da.Vinci and many
others. Finally he reveals that a catholic a bishop silas of a
secret Vatican catholic sect, Opus Dei, wanted to possess
the secret documents along with long sought after Holy Grail and
its present possessors. He actually arranged the events leading
to the murder of the museum curator. He was concerned that if
contents of the secret documents - the early church and Jesus?s
marriage, became public it would drastically sever the
people?s belief in christanity.

Two protagonists Harvard symbologist and French police
cryptologist are trapped in the fight of Priory of Sion and
Opus Dei. They have got to decipher the puzzle in time, the
priory?s secret; otherwise the facts would be lost forever.

At conclusion it is revealed that Jesus Christ is actually
a noble descendant and he is married, with children. Sophie
Nevue is discovered to be actually one of the descendants
of Jesus Christ.

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