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Walk Two Moons
(Sharon Creech)

"Walk Two Moons" is an overwhelming book written by Sharon Creech. I have read many books but what is so special about this book is the amount of innocence and truth put into it. The main characters of the book are: Salamanca, Salamanca's father, Salamanca's best friend and her grand parents. Salamanca's mother left without informing anyone when she was thirteen. News confirmed that her mother had passed away in a bus accident. The story starts off when Salamanca refuses to accept that her mother has passed away. Sal decides to take a trip to visit her mother's grave with her grand parents. Throughout the story, we map the trip that they take across the country and we get an understanding of how Sal felt about her mother leaving, her relationship with her dad, her dad making her move from Kentucky to a new town and her relationship with her friend. Sal has always tried to connect her mother's disappearance to her. She was always weighed down with the guilt of playing a huge role in her mother's disappearance. Sal also felt distant from her father at several points after her mother left. She even saw a similar situation when her friend's mom had left the house for a while. She tried to connect her story and the story of those around her plus the morals that were left at her door step by her neighbor Mrs. Cadaver. She reached the conclusion that what happened with her mother and her friend was just a situation created by circumstances in life. No particular person or event leads to such unfortunate events, sometimes life has its downfalls which can be costly but we have to accept the truth and live with the best memories. The twist in the story is when Sal finds out that Mrs. Cadaver was sitting next to her mother during the bus accident and therefore, left those messages of strong morals to give Sal a taste of reality. A story so deep and capturing that it will make us all appreciate what we have in life and morals so true that it will open our eyes. A road trip down memory lane for Sal and her grandparents but a road trip to show real values and meanings of people and events in the readers' lives. Throughout the story, Sal was forming opinions about he mother and other people in her life but then she realized that she had not been through what her mother or other people have gone through.

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