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Take Time To Think & Think High
(Payal Pankhi)

Take time to think & Think high
You are only as skilled as you think you are. Yet you can always change your thoughts.
If your life is not what you'd like for it to be, then raise the level of your thinking. It takes no physical effort from you, just a willingness to think more highly of yourself and of what you can do.
You'll be precisely as successful as you think you'll be. Your thoughts are yours to direct and control. Every now and then, on rare occasion, a quick and frantic response is needed. Most of the time, however, a calm and thoughtful response is much more powerful and effective. For the results you attain depend on your actions. And your actions flow directly from your thoughts.

A frantic, emotional reaction made in haste can often push you back even more than the event to which you are reacting. On the other hand, a calm, thoughtful response can usually bring a positive outcome from what would otherwise be a negative situation.

Your thoughts alone will not make anything happen, and yet they will precisely determine what you make to happen. Think highly of your best possibilities, and you'll bring those possibilities to life.
Certainly it is sensible to respond promptly to whatever life sends your way. Yet that does not mean that you must respond thoughtlessly and carelessly.

A calm, well-considered response is a powerful response. Take time to think, think high and the way you respond will keep you moving positively forward.

Before you respond to life's events, take time to think clearly and calmly about what you are doing. Before you respond to the situations that come your way, take time to remember who you are and the direction you want to be moving.
- Payal Pankhi

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