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I Don't Know How She Does It
(Allison Pearson)

"I Don't Know How She Does It" brought to life all the key issues a wife and mother go through in order to gain and maintain her level of independance and strength. This book takes a look at trials and tribulations through the eyes of the character, Kate Reddy. She not only faces stresses pertaining to marriage and work but also that which keeps the bond strong between mother and child. The character goes through periods of grief and guilt over being a working mother and a wife who barely sees her husband. She feels at times like she is putting her work before her family. It isn't until she starts an emotional affair with a client that she realizes the strife that her life is going through. A long the way she deals with her friend and co-workers problems and tries to be a mentor for her. She also handles the nagging feeling and realization that her nanny has formed an irreplacable bond with her children. Not to mention she hits head on some of the childhood memories and emotional barriers that have been holding her back for years.
Overall, this book was an enlightening experience that all women no matter what stage in life they are in, should read. Not all women are perfect but, life places so many expectations on us that we feel we have to be perfect. Kate Reddy and "I Don't Know How She Does It" allows women to laugh and cry while teaching us that it's ok to feel inadaquate and resentful on life at times as long as we don't loose our focus for too long. Laughing and crying has never made so much sense until this delightful book.

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