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(Henry David Thoreau)

Walking. Walking for sake of walking. Walking for the sake of communing with nature. Walkers are a special breed. They are born. A true walker is someone who walks for freedom: freedom of the soul, freedom of the spirit, and freedom of the mind. A true walker, although he is obtaining it, does not do it for the physical benefits, but for the spiritual. It is a soujourn with nature. In order to soujourn with nature, you must take your Walk outside. This is how man must seek his harmony with the world and within himself. Man's improvements to his environment do little to engage the mind and only destroy God's gift of nature to man. Everything fits into society whether it occupies a small space, a hidden oasis or something in between. But the one thing that makes everything clearer is walking. Walking directs us to the path or the main road of our existence. If we find the main road, we find the road of truth and righteousness. The direction that is taken when we walk determins our inner focus or it is determined by our inner focus (either or both). Every animal that migrate, migrates a certain way or a certain distance. They do so due to some inner force, an inner director. Why not us? We must get back to our natural selves. We must get back to our commune with nature by walking with nature. Life is found in the wilderness. The wilderness is freedom. Freedom where every being lives according to his nature. Every being must be true to itself and live within its means. Our lives, when we go back to nature, becomes as close to free as if we had never left. We are notconfined to the concrete around us, but we are free to the wildness within us. It is this brotherhood and sisterhood with nature that calls us to walk. Walk with nature.

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