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Invisible Monsters
(Chuck Palahniuk)

Invisible Monsters, by Chuck Palahniuk (the author of the
insanely amazing, unbelievably cool, life changing book and movie, Fight Club ?
His name is Robert Paulson!), is probably the strangest book I have ever read.
Give it a shot and see what you think.

It starts at the end and then goes back through a series of
flashbacks to try to explain to the reader what the heck is going on. And Chuck
actually manages to really surprise the reader with each and every turn.

Then main character used to be a beautiful woman (a bit odd
for a male author but he pulls it off very well), but was shot through the jaw
while driving (by who? The reader does not learn until the end) and is now
completely disfigured. She wears a veil, hangs out with a transvestite and a
homosexual cop in denial, and steals prescription drugs from the houses of old
people. She learns more about herself and her past and the reader finds out
some of it at the same time.

I was completely blown away at the end. It is not quite as
life changing as the ending of Fight Club, but it is still very interesting.

Final verdict: very interesting, a good read. It will
definitely be one of the most original pieces you will read this year (or maybe
ever) but makes a good pool read. And a fantastic conversation starter. Really
quite strange?but good?

Disclaimer: this book is not for the prude of the squeamish.
There are portrayals and descriptions of various homosexual acts as well as
plenty of drug use. Therefore, parents, I would not recommend you let children
under 16 read this book. If it was made into a movie, it would most definitely
be rated R.

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