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X & Y

Coldplay?s new CD X&Y is a blend of melodious tones and charismatic lyrics. It is rife with strong emotion and firm with sweet tunes. Nevertheless it isn?t as original as their previous CD "A Rush of Blood to the Head" or as memorable as their first album "Parachutes". The mistake in this album is that the voice of lead singer Chris Martin is not strong enough to balance the instrumental aspects of the music, in order words his voice is weak even though it is beautiful. At some points the instruments overshadow his words completely and they speaks in greater volumes than the lyrics themselves which in a way is a good thing. As it is through the melody that a firmer memory is founded on, and through memory comes immortality.
The other problem with this musical work is that it attempts (too much) in making everyone feel better about themselves, in a way Coldplay is trying to tell us that his audience is made solely of the depressed and dejected. If they were two or three songs that try to make the audience awake from their slumber of despair then it is fine; but when four, five tracks keep on drumming the same message it gets a bit tiresome and monotonous. In their quest on surpassing U2, they forgot about their roots and instead ended up like ABBA in a frenzied trance.
Nevertheless, this CD is really good, there are wonderful songs in it that will satisfy every Coldplay fan and keep them on track, the instrumentals are top notch and Chris still manages to let out those croons that arrest the heart of his audience, and hold our music souls captive. The hidden track "Till Kingdom Come" is a surprise, like Coldplay saved the best for last. X&Y is an ingenious piece of musical talent has all the potential in becoming a huge hit worldwide even though it doesn?t rank in the same level as its predecessors.

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