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Supremacy Of The English Language
(Sunil Noronha)

If you?re lost in the city and you looking around for someone to ask directions to and if you see someone well dressed and all suited up, you would tend to speak with him in English. If the first person you see is dressed in panchay or lungi, you?d converse in the local language with him/her- provided you can. He wouldn?t seem like an English speaking person. If you speak English at home and if you?re taking a family member, friend or just anyone around the city, you?d find the auto driver listening with extreme attention to what?s being said and if you were to ask him you would get a fairly good gist of what you meant to say.

Despite the opposition to the extensive use of English in place of the local language, it commands respect that no other language does. You are considered elite in a sense when you speak really good English in a place where people don?t do that too often. Good spoken English gives you a good job prospect. It is a universal language most understandable by most people. English music transcends across more barriers than any other kind of music. Not only because the songs are in English, the styles of it too are unbeatable by any other language music style.

English symbolizes the west and, as much as we deny it, the west symbolizes freedom. What we make of and do with our own languages is only to promote our culture and not to freely express ourselves. The culture of the west suits the basic human heart?n soul above all else and that makes it free. Along with it, it has brought the English language as a carrier of that freedom. The speaking of English invokes an intrest though it may be frowned upon at the same time-especially in places where Indian culture is strongly present.

There is an increase in the amount of English spoken. In Bangalore, most Kannadigas speak English more than Kannada. Migrators from outside the state pick all other languages spoken in the city except Kannada itself. When we go to places where this effect hasn?t yet reached, we undergo a culture shock. People outside of our culture want to know about it so much more and we don?t even care enough to learn it enough ourselves. English in India is more a mode a mode of communication than anything else. It?s a language you can speak to almost anyone by which you communicate with them.

All this haloobaloo about its rampancy is all but an attempt to save another language, which we consider a part of culture more than it really is.

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