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Real And Fantasical Music
(Sunil Noronha)

The difference between real and fantastical music is the efficient management of passion. When you know that you love some thing and that you are passionate about it, if you want to achieve the purpose of feeling that way you will have to go about disciplining it-jam regularly, practice regularly etc. You then will figure out that that there is a difference between real life and music and that music cannot solve life?s problems. Thus you will end up knowing music?s a companion you take along with you all along the way not only when its the last resort to a solution. This way its the friend that you don?t have who will understand, the only hope you have against faultless reasoning which totally uncalled for etc. Here music is real and purposeful.

But if you consider music a fantasy, you are a fool because you indulge in real life till you can?t take it anymore and then you turn to music and indulge in it equally deep. Then you fail to understand that music can never solve life?s problems. It can only take you through them. You have to face life and look it right in the eye if you want to ever come on top of it. With music at your side while doing so. You keep alternating extremes of real life and passion which will be of no avail.

You will find it preferable to cry with a brother/sister in pain than to lie to yourself and tell yourself that a problem doesn?t exist.

"Sing me a song of pain and sorrow
Sing me a song that I can sing again tomorrow when the world comes down on me."

"What music is, what its not-It'll be what it?s always been
Something new comes around only because the world?s state doesn?t fit in with its mood of constant well-being when the world is riding high with troubles no generation before could have seen and they wonder why its all going down."

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