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Son's Day Trip Of Terror
(Lee Billingham)

Richard Ellery was only visiting london for the day - but it was the day the city was rocked by terror bombers. The Twenty - one year old worker for Jessops camera shops travelled from his home in Ipswich, Suffolk, for a training course. He was due to catch a tube from Liverpool street when the bombs went off. Minutes earlier at 8.30am, Richard had texted his parents, Richard and beverley from Southampton, to say everyting was OK. They have heard nothing from their son since and plan to take photos down to London to scour the streets for him.
Distraught father Trevor said ' Richard had been living in Ipswich for the past few months with some friends. He works for the camera chain Jessops and was travelling to London for a training course. He arrived at liverpool Street at around the same time as the blasts happened. We last had contact with Richard at about 8.30, when my wife and Richard exchanged texts. We were both at work when we heard reports of the blasts but didn't think anything of it - until we both realised that Richard was in London. We started to make calls straight away but we just got through to his answering machine. We are going to go to Liverpool Street, which is what other people seem to be doing. We will be talking to staff and anyone who might just recognise Richard. We will go to the local hospital as well, where he might have been taken. I have tried all the other hospitals by phone and everyone says that Richard has not been taken there. It is just an ongoing nightmare.'
Mom Beverley said ' We are running out of ideas about ways to find our son.'
The search continues for Richard.

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