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I Had The Chance
(Tiffaney Sproston)

She wrapped me up tight inside of her with that look. My heart pounds in a rhythm I have never felt. If I could find the words to speak of your genuine beauty would you find the means to hear it. If I could simply take all the bad, shake it in a bag and make it good would you then believe in this? If I could flop into your mind like falling into a down bed I would always be one step ahead of the game. My ability to love you comes from my lack of ever wanting anyone else the way I want you. If I could fold my heart up like paper I would give it to you to keep.
If I never had another day of searching frantically for your keys, or rushing around to simply spend time together, I would be satisfied knowing that you loved me. If I carved in stone the memories we share could we place them strategically like building blocks to the rest of you and me. If I never get the chance to make all my dreams reality or to go to the stars, I will still know I did it all just by loving you. If I convince you to put up with my foolishness will you understand that we could loop like rings, with no beginning and no end. If I had the courage to tell you that every tear comes from my never having anything so wonderful, and being scared to death of losing it, would you know that my heart is pure and real. If I take a walk will you be there by my side, knowing that I have tunnel vision only of you and I? If the strongest of winds took everything from me I beg that you are the one thing I get to keep. If I continue to kiss your face and back every morning will you continue to tingle at my touch?
If I never said it before now, will you give me the next 50 years to cram it all in. If I hear you call me baby in that way I know my feelings will be pleased, If I can open the door for you always my hand will always be worthy, If I can spend hours staring into your eyes will you then know they are only for you.
If I make mistakes, please know they aren?t intentional. If I am ever 5 minutes late, know tomorrow I will be 10 minutes early. If you ever want to know that someone will always be there and love you no matter what, know I am that person. If you are ever in doubt of who you are, or what you have to offer, know that God made no woman more incredible than you. If you ever wonder how you look through the worlds eyes? Its beautiful, If you never know what you have done?.. Take a good long look at me, you showed me how to love, how to smile, how to proud of all I have to offer which is me, and most of all you showed me life.
For all that you do, and all that you are, I could never see myself without us.

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