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(Marina Emery)

Love is fear, love is a near , love is a tear that just came out of your eye. I cry along the road of life I fellow as I say good-bey but the thoughts that came along my head to know I will see the face as my eyes open to the day that hold me never wanting to live with. The moon falls down has I have love that has me in this night to have the touch of love along the lines of the darkness that has me with you tonight. The cat pass by has your touch has me calling out your name to have you in this night with me. I meet you in the darknest night the light of day has came and gone but when we kiss the light cames back. This life has found two hearts that
has found me with a prince and a princess that has let me see the longest of the love of the rive that has us together of the seven seas to have are souls find each other. Love has found what my heart has made me see has this girl that losted what I may been the tears that fall from what my hear has only seen as i am to feel the pain from the life that made me how I am to see as the mirror keeps me lokking at the pain I am to see in my eyes to let me know how I am to be. But I am in the thoughts that show me as your love has get me to be what I find to be in the world.

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