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(The Bible)

Ecclesiastes is one of the many books in the collection of books known
as the Bible.  Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon, the king of
Israel most well known for his amazing wisdom.  At the time of the
writing of this book, however, Solomon was nearing the end of his
life.  This book seems to be full of mostly doom and gloom type
writing, and constant reminders that the world is a horrible place to
live.  There are several different theories as to why this book
was written this way.

One theory is that Solomon had wasted away his life on pleasure, and
was writing this looking back, saying that he had done nothing of value
with his life.  Solomon, aside from being one of the wisest men
that ever lived, was extremely wealthy, and had quite a few wives and
even more concubines.  You would think that Solomon would have
been an extremely satisfied man, based on his mental acuteness and
physical wealth and prosperity.  It would seem, however, from this
book, that this was not at all the case. 

Many would say that the reason that Solomon was not happy, even with
all these great things, was that Solomon wasted away his life on all
these things, and did not focus his life on God, thus making his life
feel useless by the end.  These people would argue that Solomon
had realized that he had done no real good with his life, only dwelling
on earthly things, and he had become depressed almost because he
realized that earthly things were not worth dwelling on. 
Proponents of this view would argue that Solomon did not really put his
trust in God fully.

There are also people who would say that this book comes out of
Solomon's realization that God was the only good out there, and that
earthly things were just of lasting value.  These people would say
that Solomon did trust God, and was glad and looking forward to
heavenly things, things of lasting value in his mind, rather than
deteriorating things.  Either view agrees that Solomon saw no
value in the things he had spent his life on, the main difference is
whether or not you believe that Solomon trusted God in the end or

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