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almanaque brasil
(glens buffoko)

Almanac Brasil - June 2003. We spoke a small one to the mouth and a lot with the body. Certain silenced people. Does not mean that they live in silence. They speak to facial expressions, gestures, breathing. We dialogued with us it. Without words. When somebody mined, if we look well in the eyes, it betrays. The body tells more truths than the mouth. Will the opposite be possible? The mouth to speak the truth and the glance to lie? When speaks a sigh, longing, affliction, anguish, fear, relief, expectation, pleasure. To look in the person's eyes to whom one speak is to read besides the words. Eyes fugacious try escaper of what the mouth says. But the body denounces. We read sadness, melancholia, love, tenderness. You do not get to translate in a thousand words that that sees in a simple one to look that lasts one Second. Does not exist silence when we looked in the eyes of another person. Sometimes you look in the eyes and, even without talking, understand everything. In the change of glances, there is a lot of conversation-without words. The glance of the mother to the child, that it making something wrong. The child notices immediately. Small children learn the language of the eyes soon. Parents and children, lovers, friends change expressive glances. They dialogue without speaking. Professional rights, detectives, police officers, use dark glasses for dissimilar the glance, when they interrogate or they question. Hidden eyes inconvenience, and nor we are seeing them, dark glasses also hides the glance of the shy that does not want their eyes to say that the mouth silences. Artists denounce the expression of the glance strongly, of the body, in their works. Everything that is going to the soul jumps to the eyes, if we are of open eyes. Escreva o seu resumo aqui.

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