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I Don't Mean To Be Rude, But....
(Simon Cowell)

Simon Cowell is a very interesting person. Just ask him, he'll tell you.

If you enjoy the hit show American Idol, you will like the tidbits Simon uncovers in his book. It is also somewhat of an autobiography, because he tells of his experiences early in his producing career. He really is qualified to judge talent. He feels people who audition should be told the truth. Actually, I agree. Knowing that your singing stinks could save you from putting lots of time and money into talent that isn't there.

The book covers the first two seasons of American Idol. He is very candid about his relationships with the people on the show. He and Paula didn't get along well, but Paula actually grew as a judge during the first two seasons. Even though they didn't agree on many singers or their songs, she at least stood up to him and allowed Simon to be Simon.

Included in the book are lots of stories about the young stars of American Idol. Some hot tidbits about Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, and Kelly Clarkson. He included his real thoughts about how they sang and presented themselves. The other top ten finalists of both seasons were there as well. Some of the contestants really missed the boat, because they were expecting to be stars and didn't have the talent. But, they were talented enough to have some kind of career in music. They just gave up the ship instead of understanding their talent level and working with that.

It was clear that Simon is a fan of the Beatles and Frank Sinatra, but not of Michael Jackson, surprise, surprise. He talked about a few other big names as well, J Lo being one of them.

The book is quite entertaining, and an easy read. Great to sit down with while cuddling your bowl of popcorn!

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