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Walking In The Dark
(atishaya jain)

Write your abstract here.The stillness in everything as if all had died. The eerie atmosphere surrounding us. Not one being can be seen. All this comes abreast the night.Then walking in the dark seems a curse.One such night I was gifted this curse. I was walking through the streets with just half moon smiling on me.At my back, I thought someone was coming I turned round quick and to my relief found no one.Walking fast would make noise, I opted walking slow.Gazing at the opening of a tunnel I came to a halt. I had no other choice but walk through it.The darkness was deluging.I thought I would become the feast of a beast. What else can u expect from a fourteen-year-old?!I entered it slowly. It felt, as if many ghosts were dancing around me, doing limbo beneath my legs. I was looking here and there.I couldn't even see my own handstand just to add to my fear someone held my hand. I cried very loud and tried to free my hand."Dot worry son. Come with me I?ll get you out of here" a kind man, may be a beggar lying there said.I wanted and dint wants his help. But till the time I could decide, I had crossed the tunnel.I turned and said thanks. He just said 'welcome son' and went back in. I couldn't see him.Next morning there was a headline in the newspaper saying 'finally the repairing starts' and there was an image of that tunnel which I crossed last night, with a large man hole at its center and could not be passed.I dint fell in it! And I released why, because walking in the night with me was GOD!Moral of the story: God never forgets his people It?s we who gift the night to the beast.

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