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American Psycho
(Bret Easton Ellis)

I reallycan't remember what made me read this book. It must have been accidentally, and because I had heard of it or something. It was a long time ago but I remeber the book very vividly. It is that kind of a novel you don't forget too soon. It must be I guess one of the most controversial books I have ever read in my life. It does make your imagination work and it is extremely brutal. Some passages are not possible to read through once again, nevertheless the style and the manner of the narrative are incredibly impressive. The protagonist is Patrick Bateman, 26-year-old yuppie,a stockbroker. Astonishingly intelligent, Patrick has also an enviable social status and he is notoriously successful. He is terribly meticulous, ne can describe the world he lives in to the smallest detail. In addition, he isabsolutely bonkers, a psycho, a murderer with a fancy for inconceivable cruelty. As the novel proceeds, we see Patrick's personality go down to pieces. It is a total fragmentation and decomposition. It is a vary dark, gloomy and terrifying story, the moreso as it is told in accordance with the crudest realism.Patrick Bateman is Hannibal Leicester, Jack the Knife and Ted Bundy in one person. Terrifying for others as he is for himself. The publication of the book is surrounded with scandal as many publishing houses rejected the book because of its content. Many people who worked on the book left their jobs. But it was eventually published and even screened (Christian Bale as Patrick). However, it must be stressed that no screen adaptation of that novel is able to reproduce the unique atmoshere of the book itself. I recommend. If for no other purpose than having one's own view about it.

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