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Tantric Sex
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Tantra is a loggia, the developed in the east for personal growth, based on yoga method, that worships the merge between the male principle and the female principle.It uses the sexual load that is created in the relationship, in order to make passion a high awareness and to achievea spiritual elevation.The tantra sex allows us to live up to our potential, with the sexual energy that releases us from the limitations of the self and the ego. In this book we learn how to disconnect from the thoughts world, stimulate the senses and become aware of your body.By focusing on the Fire Energy, that lies in the base of the spine, we can contact new sources of joy and create bigger lust to life and vitality of ourselves. By using meditation, guided imagination and fantasy to improve dramatically the sexual and emotional confidence,and drive the relationship to the highest levels.The author, Casandra Lurios, has been for 20 years working in homeopathy and deals with sexual problems. She is a thrilled fan of the Tantra since many years and completed her Tantra qualification in SKY DANCING in Britain

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