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J.w. Waterhouse
(Trippe, Peter)

This latest edition is available in hardback or paperback. It features beautiful prints of some of Waterhouse's best artwork. His historical influence in softcore realism, abstract expressionism, impressionism and surrealism are outlined here. Definitely a feat for the eyes, with his soft line and there are features on his initial drawings. Most of the history of his art is outlined here and this is a good book for a novice wishing to delve deeper into art history. His exceptional female nudes are passionate, beautiful and powerful. I highly recommend this as an addition to any art book collector's range of books.

I was really impressed by his use of color and imagery. There is soft poetic feel and one work blends seemlessly into another, unlike a book on Picasso or Dali. There are variations on a theme in his work and one can observe his development in chronological order. I was pretty impressed. This book is highly affordable and absolutely huge. The featured size presents the art at its best, not too big or small. This artist is one who is often overlooked because of he was too traditional, though I beg to differ.

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