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Allen Kentucky History
(Dr James Allen)


Allens Account of The Last
Hanging In Green Co. Ky.
Briefs from the Allen's Kentucky History, compiled by James S. Wallace - Allen's account of Simpson, Saddler, and Bell.

Carrington Simpson was born August 10, 1782,
died September 21, 1841, executed by hanging.
The hanging took place just south of the present Green River Bridge on Ky 61-68-70, in Green County Kentucky.
Carrington Simpson's birthplace was Manchester Virginia Chesterfield County.
This may have been present day Manchester Kentucky, if so this part of the state is accessable via the Daniel Boone Parkway.
Jenny Simpson mother of Carrington never married, she had eight children foru boys and four girls
Simpson, Saddler, Bell wer intoxicated had been to Mrs Whites tipling house and had discussed
money and a purse as long as your arm.
The murder bictims of that July 1838 were Lucinda White, a widowk forty five years old, the owner
of the tipling house.
her children Lewis Charner White, John Quincy White.
CarringtonSimpson's father was a Judge.
Carrington Simpson took his father's sir name for a given name and his sir name was his mothers's maiden name.
Carrington Simpson had four sisters they were Betsy, Rhody, Polly, Lear,
Carrington Simpson's brothers were Langhorn, Tobert and Jack
Carrinton Simpson married Dicy Powell in 1809
Dicy Powell daughter of James Powell was born in Chesterfield County Virginia.
The Murder took place in July of 1838.
The Bodies wer discovered eighteen months later.
the victims were denuded and had been struck in the head with a lunt object.
Allen states the bodies were in an advanced stage of putrification, and the oder was aflivous.
Matilda Kessler White was the wife of Lewis Charner White and the daughter of Daniel Kessler, Matilda,
and Lweis had an infant son, William Franklin White age two.
The two year old infant William Franklin White had his head bash and was decapitated.
With a Warrent obtainedby Daniel Kessler in 1840 CarringtonSimpson was arrested. He was brought to justice before J.D.Mottely and Issac Gibbons
Daniel Kessler obtained two coffins one fot his daughter Matilda an his grandson and another for the other three, both coffins were buried in a common grave.
General Samuel a . Spencer was the Attorney fot the defense in the Green County Circit Court of Kentucky.
Bell becam ill after his arrest and was found dead in his cell. Saddler after a while made a rope of bed colthing and hanged himself in his cell.
According to Allen's Kentucky History, Saddler did the killing.
Carrington Simpson served in the war of 1812 commanded by Captian Berfoot.
For six months hw was stationed at camp Halley near Richmond Virginia. The V. A. tomb stone was errecten in 1988. The stone was put in place by GGG grandsons Kaly Simpson and Cecil Simpson and other community members, Jerry Arnett, Joel Grear, Brian Landis and James S. Wallace.

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