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THESE RAMNAAMIS DON?T NEED ANY TEMPLE OR IDOLS.In India, politicians whose main agenda is to do politics on the name of Ram are used to quote ? ?Ram is present in our souls?, which only turns out to be an illusive slogan by them. But for the followers of RAAMNAMI samaj which is a small sect in Chhattisgarh state, the name of Lord Ram is an integral part of their culture. The followers of this sect are used to tattoo the name of Lord Ram all over their bodies, have it written on their clothes, and even adorn wall of their homes with it. This custom started as a rebellion against the Bramhinical order, which prohibited them from chanting lord Ram?s name. This sect started in the late 1890?s aiming to create a healthy environment for the people from the backward untouchable castes, where they could freely participate in devotional religious practices without the restrictions typically put upon them by the rules of caste system.The entire focus of Ramnaamis is on the name of Ram, the name of god who is most dear to them. This Ramnami approach to life reveals the degree to which the sect members are free to be creative in crafting their existences. This penchant towards creative individuality can be seen not only in their physical appearance but also in their beliefs and practices

NO OPTION TO RETREIVE THE DEPOSITS AND NO INTEREST AVAILABLE.In this time of liberalization, banks have played all the tricks to attract the customers to their services. But some banks in chhattisgarh don?t give the option to their accountholder for retrieving their deposits. Shocked? Actually this bank is one of the most unique bank in the world. Here ?ram naams? (lord ram names) are deposited instead of money. The name of Lord Ram, adorable god of the hindus is written in a special book and is deposited in this unique bank. The name of this unique bank is ?Shri Ram Naam Bank?.

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