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Human Rights (droits Humains)
(el mimouni abdelmalek)

I wrot this documnt in Frensh first, and i made the translation ?please i know hisquality is not the top ?please accept. Human rights he occident often evokes the human rights, thoseof the citizen, the refugee, the child, invalid etcbut, inside these countries even technologically advanced, exist the ignored zones and spaces withouta jurisdictional protection. When the majority of the world countries were pridedto adher at this universal law they are convinced of nullity of its range and utility. The Third World famished, illiterate, mainly populated by peoplewithout residences, nomads, illiterate, badly informed can never hope to have these rights. Which right, please, can claim the waves of emigrants brocken each day against the Canary Islands (more than three hundred and double on the nortg Moroccan.When we can sold his baby against a ridiculous price (less than one dollar), or his dignity against a piece of bread, to ridiculise or put its body betwen the hand of foreign tourist looking for exoticism, when one never know the taste of lemon, butter honey, and apples, when one saw his children deading in front of him under the lack of food, its animals transformed into bones by the dryness ..... i thinkin this case no one can be be able to hope having this kind of right ....human rights !When the hunger settle, the country becomeinvisible, it desappear but not his leaders who normally have several nationalities and well furnished accounts?.In 1967-1969 a blockade encouraged by the African and European countries caused a million deaths in Biafra and also the totaldisappearance of this country. Forty thousandschildren die each morning in the world because of malnutrition whereas the French destroy hundreds of tons of fruits and products feederwith an aim of maintaining the high prices. Elsewhere, millions of sheeps are sacrificed inone day, in mekka, hundreds of billion are spentin useless armaments and in special research? And, in the same moment, thousands of people takethe way of the clandestine emigration eachmorning and throw themselves in sea .... leaving thousands of victims and tens thousands of orphans In Morocco, tens of high frameworks are in prisonand their goods seized, they diverted thousands ofbillion in recorded time, other will follow ..This kingdom has solid resources to put its badworkers and stealer under hammer but it is not thecase elsewhere?. Only one people, America lay out of the quarter richness of all planet and try to appropriate forthemselve more... elswere peoples are stateless people, case of the Palestinians, Kurds, others have completely disappeared?. There are also citizens of countries whic are without nationality,case of the « bidoun =sin » like nomads of Kuwait.The citizen of the rish countries recognizes only the rights to and for his similar. The hanger make people loss the identity, the ethnieand dignity.Twenty two million refugees are in the poor countriesfault of being not accepted in Occident. In the middle of the 19th century, the population of Ireland was decimated by the hunger, becausethe potato disease, major element in the base of their food caused the death of a million the human and the same number of emigrants. The hunger, badtreatments make the Africa emigrants cross several countries, several deserts, leaving in each one a part of their health, of their dignity of human .... With the dollars disappeare we payby the flesh?.African women not being able more to provide its requirement of bread became ...found pregnant, with a child resulting from rape by the guardsborders?.and when finally ....arriving at the last obstacle which separates her from the life...? then ...face to face with the soldiers ofthe world of law? arms at the hand, shooting these poor wretches creatures? killing .... bearing end? covered by the human rights. Elsewhere,knowing that no arms, tanks, missile can stopfinallly people under hunger...we begin tomake walls.... big walls... between good andbad people, pish and poor ... between Amerikaand Mexico, Africa and Europe... Israel andArabe.... inside the wall people are glade andno hunger but outside it men and children deadsoftly, in silent... and we can still speakeabout human rights...... please forgot..... to never forgot the wallsthe news walls... everywere everywhere [email protected]

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