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Waking Up On The Toilet: Real Experiences About Appreciating Real Life!
(Aliya Fonseca)

Are you waking up on the toilet? Or have you learned a lesson in life that has changed your perspectiveabout a few things? I have andI recently discovered that learning from one?s life lessons is the same as waking up on the toilet. I wouldof never thought to equate the two but the book Waking Up On The Toilet does, and surprisingly well. It's all in good fun!
Waking Up On The Toilet is a collection of short stories about the challenges we all face in life.The topics range from family to moving onward. The book is for adolescents and adults. It is a self help book with exercises at the end of each chapter. It may remind you of Chicken Soup for the Soul but Waking Up On The Toilet is a clinical tool written by a Marriage and Family Therapist. The book can be used by the layperson or the clinician which makes this books dual purpose fantastic! The construction of the book meshes well with tis organization and lends itself successfully to the clinical exercises. The book is easy reading. The stories are not preachy nor judgemental, they simply state what the characters have experienced and what they learned from that experience.
The book is full of stories which mostadults and teenswill be able to relate to. Fonseca has selected stories that will tug atyour emotions and force you to think about what you the reader need to flush down the toilet. It isonethought provoking story after another.The exercises are sobrief they do not interrupt the flow of the book.My emotions werestirred up as I read Waking Up On The Toilet. I was excited to flush my own experiences but also eager to read what others had flushed down the toilet.The book personally invites you to participate and that alone makes it a mustread.
Waking Up On Toilet is a universal metaphor that people all over the world can relate to.The stories on love, family, friends, and boundaries will inspire anyone who reads the book. I recommend you read Waking Up On The Toilet for good fun!

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