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No Pain In My Game
(Tamisha Nicole Mcgirt and Kierra Mcgirt)

Whatever I do no pain. You can't hurt my feelings but I can hurt your. Do I have a heary yes but it is locked up in a small casket. Until that casket is opened i'm going to be like this forever. I want to feel a heart beat because all i fill is a cold feeling that may be blocking my heart. This all started happining when people start to pick on me and my sisters. These pickers made me angry until one day where did my heart go. My momma took me to the doctor no sign of a heart. What everyone's questioning today how can I live without a heart. I can tell you that I have a heart just lost. Who did it me. I did it because people were making me loose it and i didn't want to loose. Would you? If i wanted my heart to beat againI could of told them whereI hid it. It was no doubt that i had less than a week to live. But did I care no I don't think so. It really wasn't that important. It wasn't my fault that i only had less thn a week to live. You may think it's a joke but you have no idea it's worse then you imagine. Worse than a heart attack. Death time Death time coming near deathtime deathtime your mom's right hear. The one who they never figured who had killed her. Deathtime Deathtime you're almost hear. That smae annoying soud repated in my ear. Why do i care i have no heart and i wonder do i have a soul. Everday I tell somone new this story the story that's in side of me the one you won't really know. The one that I just told. But what the heck with it I told.

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