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O Perfume
(Patrick Suskind)

The workmanship of Patrick Suskind, is remind through the version of the German cinema. Patrick Süskind originally, opposed it to sale the rights of the romance, but Bernd Eichiger after yielded much insistence of the German movies producer. At last, the Perfume arrives at the screens of the cinema, first in Munique and later in the German circuit and the world. Twenty years after to make success, the bestseller falls at the hands of the director of German cinema Tom Tykwer, a very competent young that translates success all the tram. Everything started because a man if delivered to its maddening passion for fantastic aromas. In the anxiety to have for sí the perfume of the dreams, the idea appears to remove such perfume of the most beautiful women. The maniac capture them and steals it to them life to extract the proper aromatical essence of each one of them. The challenge biggest is to translate scenes in the great screen the olfative pleasure produced by the perfum, at the same time, to produce pleasant scenes to the expectador. If the video imitates the workmanship, is certain that we will have soon plus a shining history of the cinemas.You are invited to seethe film and to complete my abstract. Thanyou can sayme,if I'm reallygood to tell a misteryfor the others or not. I'm from Brasil, but I love to talk in english. I learn english by my self, them I hope everythings that I wrote are correct. If not excuse-me, I'm so sorry! I hope you 'll be able to read my letter, forward to your friends, and love the movie.

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