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Tarnegol Kaparot -tranclated Article
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The title of a book has an important function in illumination of the book's subject, primary aspect in the creation called "Tarnegol Kaparot",By Eli Amir express the change on the primary carecter Nuri.Nuri came to Israel with his traditional family from Iraq.They were wealthy, and his father was a lawyer. the transfer to Israel made them face poverty and the miserable life at the transit camp. After many consultations, it was to be decided to send Nuri to the Kibutz there he wont be exposed to his father felts of humiliation, and in addition will be able to help to support his family.At the begining Nuri refuse to go the KIbutz, but at the end he gives up when he see his humiliated father,and his crying mom.At the Kibutz Nuri finds out for the first time, the difficulty that exist among two cultures: the existed culture- the TZABARS, and the new culture the Iraqs.the author criticize the Kibutz childern who patronizing and alienating, and the discriminationof the Kibutz system. inspite of all the difficulties Nuri isstands firm in one's decision to fit together in the Kibutz spirit.Nuri is facing iner conflicts about his traditionality- to stike them and remain isolated or to pass them and become one of the guys. the conflict of belongness came strongly at the iraqies comunity. For example Matzul who was an oud musician, leave a music night because of his disgust from western music. Nuri jealous at Matzul act, for his confidence demonstration, but he himself listen for Clasic music, and when he cant take it any more, he ask Matzul to play him music "from home". the luck of Nuri's becaming integrated rise also, from his palm tree, who was like him different, hollow and not stikes with its rootslike the rest of the trees. Nuri started work at the garbage, work who was consider humiliate.the he meets a Poland person, who lost his entire family. the person teaches Nuri the value of work, at the oposite piramide, from spirt professions to earth professions.You sould be appropriate for land work.Few days before the Kipurim day Nuri come to the transit camp, with a chicken. The father cheks it and finds out that the chicken hasn't butchered properly. the angrey father throws it, and Nuri's fury burns his mind. he feels like his father throw all his efforts, and he fills disconected to the religion faith of his father. The "Tarnegol Kaparot" has two meanings. the discovered:describes the gift from the Kibuts that indicate Nuri's becoming integrated. and when he being thrown by his father 'its like all his efforts were in vaine.covered: the chiken butchered symbolize the self-sacrifiction that Nuri and the iraqis comunity made for the Israely ideal,by disconecting from their iner behavior ,faith and way of thinking

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