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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

NOTE: Some people consider what I have mentioned to be ?Facts? in this review as ?Fiction?.The Da Vinci Code. This book led to a major controversy about which I shall mention in this review. I shall also mention about the interesting plot in the book through which the facts have been put up.Introduction: This is a fabulous book that should be on the top of your must haves list. This guy Dan Brown completely changes the thought process of the reader. He has put up these facts (may be fictitious) through the medium of an intricately and finely woven plot that makes the book even more interesting. Not only that, he completely redefines the meaning of religion. But before reading this book the reader must have an open or a broad mindset as this book has facts that are difficult to digest. So, these facts should be taken in a positive manner and not as an offence. I shall elaborate on this topic when we reach there.The plot: The story begins with the murder of the curator of a museum. He is or was the grandmaster of a secret society - PRIORY OF SION. The society's aim was to protect the Holy Grail and a set of secrets and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. The secrets were strong enough to get the whole world in chaos. Adding on the burden and difficulties for the Priory of Sion, the other four main members were already killed. So, this grandmaster during the last few moments of his life has to pass the secrets into the right hands. Now, he leaves a series of codes in such a manner that only worthy can crack them to posses the knowledge of the Holy Grail. Near his body he writes ' P.S. find Robert Langdon'. This statement makes Robert Langdon, a symbologist the prime suspect of the murder. But Sophie Neveu, the curator's granddaughter interprets the statement as ' Princess Sophie find Robert Langdon'. She therefore feels he is innocent and comes for his rescue and then, to prove his innocence, they start cracking the codes that are a soul link to an important part of theACTUAL history.(Do not read this paragraph if you want to maintain the suspense) Important Facts (controversial): The tomb of Mary Magdalene is the Holy Grail. The book states that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and they had a bloodline, which is still present today. Whereas the Bible states that Jesus Christ was never married and had never indulged with anyone. Dan Brown is able prove himself by linking instances in history, known and half known such as Da Vinci's (the grand master of Priory of Sion during his era) popular paintings. What Dan Brown wants to say by all this is that things such as religions should not be taken in the literal sense but their deep and logical meaning should be understood and not be taken as an offence.Moral of the whole story: It is very important to understand what the author wants to convey through these 593 pages. He is not against any religion or any holy book or any such thing, what he wants to say is that a religion is a way of life. Instead of understanding its true meaning we keep fighting on it's literal meaning. A religion is actually there to make us respect nature, all sorts of views and nurture our conscience so that there is a voice always there inside you to guide you throughout your life.
So, don't miss reading it as it is worth it !

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