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Walking In The Rain
(Charles Kiefer)

An endless story in which the reader delights itself with a banquet of beautiful words that touch us and make us feel the book's climate. Indeed, Charles Kiefer did not write this book to leave a greater emptiness in our mind. This book talks about the story of a man who had a hard childhood. His parents were very poor and he was prejudiced, specially after that time when he won a scholarship to a private school. Despite it all, he was happy and lived with his grandfather, who was very machist and conservative, as well as all the other people of that time. That is the reason why he enjoyed, since he was a kid, walking on rainy days in the streets, alone and capable of showing his feelings in a greater way. Nobody would complain about it. When he was 14, he visited a new school and met a little girl, with whom he fell in love. She was rich and he was poor and there it was that prejudice again. After finishing highschool, the passion was still on and her father sent her to study in Porto Alegre. And this nameless character, filled with doubts and sadness, decides to go to Porto Alegre, find a nice job, hoping to find her someday so that they will live their passion in Paris without any prejudice.

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