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More Plato And Less Prozac
(Lou Marinoff)

At the moment, it is very common that the preoccupation that experiences before the moral dilemmas or the crisis of values, the people resort to the psychologist or the psychiatrist to obtain the inner balance. In More Plato and less Prozac, Lou Marinoff demonstrates that in most of the cases the only thing that it looks for she is a listener with whom to often engage in a dialog and to clarify to the points of view on the own life and that the perception interchange on the questions with which all we ran into to newspaper, it facilitates the answers to our questions to take one more a more significant existence. The philosophy, according to Plato, is a mental gymnastics and all we practiced it when we reflected on our experiences and our ideals, when we asked ourselves: As we can take one better life? What is the correct thing? What would be due to make to change the things with which we do not agree? As we must face the problems? Marinoff maintains that it is not needed to study nor to obtain a title to exert and to construct a life philosophy, all world I can do it, is enough with the will and the desire to reflect and to find solutions or answers to the own questions and restlessness. In other words, sometimes what it is needed, he is more Plato and less Prozac. In this work, the author rescues the thought with which the wise minds but of history have deepened in the meaning and the main aspects of the life with the purpose of offering to the reader the possibility of discovering the truth by itself and of designing a life philosophy that allows him to face the daily problems, to plan its conduct according to own points of view and to construct its future suitably. It is a book that he invites to reflect and to wake up the conscience to solve the value conflicts by which we crossed day with day.

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