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War And Peace
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War and Peace by Tolstoy is considered to be one of the most important novels in the world literature.
The story begins in the year 1805, when Napoleon is in his prime, and ends in 1819, when Napoleon falls and been sent to exile.
In between those years Tolstoy describes a very rich plot, containing numerous characters in which their lives are connected and integrated into the story.
The peace part of the story is dealing with the life of Rostov and Bolkonsky family, and the part of the war focuses mainly on the invasion of Napoleon to Russia. War and Peace is considered to be the most important epic novel of all times, although the writer did not consider it a novel at all.
For Tolstoy the story was meant to be an historic epos, which will shed light on the vision of historic development that is sourced in the spirit of nations.
The main characters that Tolstoy presented are less remembered by the readers, and on the contrary it was the less dominant characters which affected the plot. It is obvious that Tolstoy did not give much credit to the character of Napoleon and presented him as a looser and a negative figure. on the other hand, Tolstoy shows the supremacy of the Russian General Kotozov, which represents the perfect Russian general.
The main characters of the novel are fictions, this are Piere Bazaohov, Natasha Araostova and Prince Andrey.
Natasha is going through a maturing stage where her youth love to Prince Andrey turns to a woman love to Piere.
Around those 3 Characters the story brings together many other figures that react to the main characters, shed some light on their behavior and influence them.
In his book Tolstoy describes more then 60 different characters, each described individually and originally, and with different approach to life. Those are very deep and complexes figures, as we can see by the way they act and the way they talk, and not necessarily by the way Tolstoy describes them.
The plot is affected not just by the main figures, but also by the surrounding figures and maybe even mainly by them.
Tolstoy has the ability of make the reader see through the eyes of the characters and in that to understand the characters better.
Even characters that 'behave badly' affect the reader differently because the reader can understand their point of view, education and perspective, and he becomes one with the character.
The pick of the story is the life the writer gives to character that are so different from his own personal character. Each character behaves by its own believes and not affected by Tolstoy's believes.
If you want to be touched, to open yourself to a new experience and enjoy a wonderful master piece you must read War and Peace by Lev Tolstoy.

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