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I Am Dead
(Brooklyn Baker)

I went inside my bedroom, quickly locked up the door and kneeled down quietly. My mother was banging the door behind me and I had the knife in my hand. Tears dropped down on my face as i was coming closer to death. My body was cold and I couldn?t move at all. Memories struck my brain like stormy waves and i realized suddenly, I am going to commit suicide. I was thinking again and again. Yes or No, overcrowded my thoughts. the banging was even louder now. Mom shouted outside but i tried to ignore it. I tried, and kept on trying to finish it off in one shot. But that one shot wasn?t easy. My heart was racing against time and hitting my thoughts like thousand bullets in one go.
I knew that once it was over it was over forever and ever. I brought the knife closer to my wrist and striked it once, but that strike was full of anxiety and full of fear. Blood did not flow as the strike wasn?t forceful. Mom was still shouting outside and banging the door even louder. I started crying loudly and the knife slipped from my hand. I did not have any other option. I was guilty, guilty, and guilty. My mind repeated the same thing again and again, " You demon, you murderer", and every time the call from my conscious was louder. But i won't complain, I deserve it because I am a criminal and I'll be hanged anyway, so why not commit suicide. At that moment my mind was completely blank and dark. I was charged with the murder of my own classmate........................

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