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Shakespeare is one of the finest writers of English Literature. Hamlet is one of my favourite Shakespeare?s works. Hamlet is the story of young prince of Denmark. The play opens with Hamlet in a disturbed mood as he has just attended his father?s funeral and subsequent marriage of his mother, Gertrude to his uncle, Claudius.
Hamlet cannot digest his father?s death and feels that there was some sort of evil play. At that moment Hamlet?s friend Horatio comes and tells him about seeing late king?s ghost. On that very night Hamlet sees his father?s ghost and the late king narrates the entire story of his death. He asks Hamlet to take revenge of his murder and mentions that his mother has done nothing wrong.
From that day onwards Hamlet is in dilemma about how to take his revenge. Shakespeare shows his confused state of mind with en excellent soliloquy ?To be or not to be?. In closet scene, Hamlet questions his mother regarding her relations with Claudius. He notices someone spying at him and in fit of rage, he kills him. Later, he gets that spy was none other than Polonius, the loyal minister of Claudius. After seeing these Gertrude just like others feels Hamlet has gone mad.
Hamlet is using insanity as a mask to find out the real culprit. Hamlet plans a play in palace named ?The murder of Gonzago? with help of his friends. On seeing the play Claudius is disturbed .Hamlet sees his guilty conscience as the plays nothing but how Claudius killed the late king by pouring poison in his ear while he was sleeping. Hamlet comes to know about the real murderer and decides to kill him.
In the end of the play, we see the down fall of Hamlet as he looses love of his life, Ophelia, his mother and kills his uncle Claudius. Later he too succumbs to death due to injuries inflicted while having a dual fight with Laetres. Hamlet destroys whole of his family.
Critics worldwide have been finding out the exact problem of Hamlet. But they have not yet reached to any valid conclusion. Some critics are of the opinion that there may have been some psychological problem like ?Oedipus complex? or his lacuna of not able to decide.
The greatness of the text lies in that even today readers all over the world are in the awe of the character of Hamlet and its creator Shakespeare. A connoisseur of classic English literature has to read Hamlet. Hamlet is a must read for him.

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