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Ma?y Ksi???
(Antoine de Saint Exupery)

The small duke?- written in 1943 r on the year before the death Exupery?ego SUMMARY the Forced by the breakdown the airplane pilot - the narrator of the work - the Sahara lands on the desert compulsorily. Having the store of water on eight days only just, he tries possibly quickly to repair the breakdown of the engine. The evening he one day falls asleep on sand about the thousand of miles from living terrains. Tiny little fellow wakes him about the dawn - The Small duke. The boy asks the pilot to draw the lamb. Unfortunately, the pilot be able to not well to draw, because people devoid the imagination grew they discouraged him to dealing with the art. Towards the surprise and fortunately for the pilot, after several unsuccessful tests, unknown contented oneself the drawing of the case in which the lamb just hid. The pilot inferred that the newcomer lived on the tiny planet from conversations with The Small duke, little larger than the usual house. On the duke planet B-612 the rose grew and three two of them were volcanoes where active, and they dried out one. He The small duke took care of very thoroughly, entertained conversations and fell in love ro?line. Ró?a however former dissatisfied, so the duke lowered her. Traveling he visited next planets. The small duke met m.in. The king, which gave orders continually, though... he did not have neither one serf, Vain waiting applauses and acknowledgement, Drunk exclusively, which drank because it was him that he drank the shame, Banker, counting stars incessantly and considerate them for his property, Lighthouse keeper, incendiary and putting out what the minute street lamp - the day followed there after the night so quickly. The Small duke met the learned geographer advising touring The ground to the duke on sixth planet. Several interesting spotka? happened on The ground Small Duke. The viper promised him to help in the return on his planet. He spoke about hunting, taming and different important matters with the fox. He spoke with flower, Tradesfolk and Switch -man. The garden found with five thousands the pink, but no fell to the heart the duke. He went on the search of the well after several days of spotka? with the pilot. They found her on the desert eventually . The small duke understood at last that he loved only his rose. He decided to come back. Biting him in the leg The viper helped him in this. Falling asleep he spoke, that only his body will stay on The ground, he is for too heavy so that he takes them so far.

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