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A Farewell To Arms

A dramatic history of love and death in the First World War. The novel takes us in Italy in the time of the war, drawing the history of a Nord- American soldier which volunteers for service in the Italian army. As he was working as an ambulance driver he gets to meet an english nurse which he falls in love with. A history which could have easily be the true history of hundreds of soldiers and nurses, but which gives one of the best novels of Hemingway, as the critics say. The novel follows two paths, one of love and one the war conflict. Wrote in a simple and direct way, takes the reader in the history with a continuous tempo. Sometimes it gets difficult to follow the dialogs because of the introductions. It is important to say that the novel in majority is autobiographical. Ernest Hemingway really was an ambulance driver which volunteered in the Italian army and he really knew a nurse with who he had a similar history of love. This allowed him to use memories for creating a war novel very cruel and realistic, with many descriptions of places and very high knowledge of the facts compared with an writer which only writes from his imagination and historical investigation.

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