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Toyota Production Method
(da tian nai yi)

Does not make in not studious
this book to mention ?the Toyota production method? (namely TPS, toyota production system) is enhances the enterprise vitality the one whole set concept and the method system. It is the Toyota Corporation general manufacture method, its basic thought causes to cease the waste thoroughly, through production integration, pursue product manufacture rationality as well as quality supreme cost saving.
this book is Ono bears a gentleman the most classical work, he had opened the Toyota Corporation's secret systematically, covers its and the current events, the automation, billboard method, the standard work, strives for perfection and so on production management each ideas. This book may be called manifests the Toyota core competitive power the most authoritative work, also is the whole world production management most important range pole, is recognized as the international general enterprise textbook. The
Japanese creates ?the Toyota production method?, causes crosses the manufacturing industry every day the shock, attacked the American to mold ?the Ford type production method? intensely. Massachusetts Institute of Technology's researchers the Toyota production method summary are ?the fine profit production idea?, said it ?is one kind does not make the not studious capable production system?. The American general automobile uses California and Toyota's joint venture, studies the TPS essence indirectly. The Ford automobile adopts the strategy which (US) company's staff attracts Toyota, makes TPS the Ford version. The Chrysler Corporation has already melted to TPS Ford's learns from experienced people the study. The Deuel luck this whole world biggest automobile spare part producer also implemented TPS, the profession study has brought the astonishing effect.

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