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I, Robot
(Isaac Asimov)

?I, Robot? is a collection of short stories about robots.

The various stories have delightful plots involving the
interplay of Asimov?s famous ?Three laws of robotics?

1) A robot may not harm a human being or through inaction
allow a human being to come to harm.
2) A robot must obey all orders given to it by humans except
where such orders would conflict with the First Law
3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as it does
not conflict with the Second or First law.

Most experts in robotics today would agree that these are
excellent guidelines for the design real life robots when
they are intelligent enough to act independently.

All the stories involve various consequences of the three
laws, which lead to unexpected events. Asimov is
incomparable when it comes to consistency and true
scientific plausibility of his stories.

In these, you will encounter robots like Robbie the
nursemaid, Cutie the prophet, Speedy the miner who spouts
Gilbert and Sullivan, and many such specimens.
Who could read the story ?Liar? and not feel sorry for
Herbie the mind reading robot, who is condemned for no fault
of his own.
Hats off to Asimov who can give a depth of character to
lifeless machines that many authors fail to do for humans.

Some of the most colorful human characters of Asimov?s are
introduced in this book as well, most notably the dramatic
pair of Powell and Donovan whose witty dialogue is
hilarious, and Susan Calvin, the steely robopsychologist who
hates humans and loves robots. One can almost feel her
contemptuous gaze while reading the stories and feel almost
convinced like her that robots are a stronger, better breed.
In some stories, Asimov envisages a world where robots
though badly treated by humans are man?s only hope for
survival and gently lead him to the best future possible.
In others, the innate fear that man has of machines is
hinted at and we see robots that within the limits of the
three laws of robotics can still be harmful to humans or
humanity as a whole.

This is a real must-read of a book.

If you really enjoy it you would surely like to read the
following from the same author:

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