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Project Management Made Easy
(Kemp Sid)

Abstract : An excellent guide for young project managers of small to medium size projects for learning how to pick the right project, align performing organizational goals with those of customer , adopt strategy of Plan,Do,Check ,Act ( PDCA) to ensure customer?s delight. Author has emphasized on recording lessons learnt from past failures / success and improving performance for future projects. Doing project on-time, within budget and meeting various stipulations of quality enhances track- record of a company for winning more profitable projects in future and accelerate business growth.

The success of a project depends upon good estimates, efficient scheduling of tasks, and judicious deployment of resources, effective monitoring, good communications and risk management. The author brings out that it is the creativity and innovative approach of a project manager which can convert a risk into a business opportunity. It is not just completing the project on-time but equally important is to deliver, install and make the product fully operational that satisfies the customer. A special emphasis has been laid on quality at all stages of project execution since it adds value for the customer as well as reduces costly and time-consuming rework .It should be the focus of every member of the project team to carry our assigned task as per designed specifications and be on time and every time. The HR department of the performing organization must pay great attention to the process of selection of right talent with required years of experience and thereafter create good work environment to retain them for longer tenure. The technical expertise acquired over a period is very valuable for innovations and generating new ideas. It today?s highly competitive business world, performing agency must always aim to increase its productivity, quality, specialty, responsiveness and visibility.

The author has stressed that project management is the KEY to success in capturing business opportunities and reducing defects and cost of any product. He has given very simple but effective example of ?Store Front Success? highlighting 14 lessons and some tips for starting any new business as a project. The case study for deciding an appropriate strategy for project planning provides a useful template for strategic planning .

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