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Unlucky Days
(Anita Barratt)

it was a lovely sunny day for going for a car ride.Annemarie and her boyfriend jason and his mate paul and annmaries friend katie are going to blackpool to see the lights.they got to Blackpool and all four of them were feeling hungary so annemarie sugested lets us go in this pub for some food and drink.They were drinking all night.Katie had an idea to stay the night but paul answers"ive got no money" "thats ok"replied Jason"i will give you some""no thanks"answers paul."so what are you going to do""dont worry about me,"may i have the car keys" he asked jason."no "said jason"i think that is not a good idea."why" said paul."because you have been drinking too much"said jason"how can i get home"says paul"your supposed to be my friend"."yes we are"the all said"and we care for you"
paul says" give me the car keys""no" said the three of them.paul and jason start fighting.Annemarie and katie shouts "stop it somebodys going to get hurt"."go and get help"said annmarie to katie.Annemarie tried to stop them fighting,when katie came back with help,it was too late.Jason was hurt and paul ran off with the keys.Jason looked as if he needed to go to hospital.He had a very bad nose and blood over his head.Annemarie was very worried over jason and katie.
Jason went to hospital and annemarie went to phone Jasons mum mrs banks.Katie stayed with jason.Mrs banks came to the hospital,she wasnt pleased,Annemarie and katie are going to phone pauls mum miss wishcross
to tell her what has happened to her son paul.But it was too late the police all ready told her the news.Pauls mum went to the hospital to see paul,when she got there paul is on a life support machine.After she saw paul she went to find annemarie to find out what happened.Anenemarie told pauls mum what happened an asked how he is.pauls mum replied"paul is fighting for his life.Annemarie and katie decide to go to see paul.before they go pauls mum said" paul is paying for it now""i hope he`s going to be alright"said both of them.Jason is ok now,so he decides to see paul too,but jason is too late because paul has died,jason started to cry,all three of them said"sorry to pauls mum.
One week later it was pauls funeral and pauls mum did a little speech and said"she was sorry because paul could never take a drink and hoped paul is listening in heaven.
Jason and annemarie are planing ther wedding day.Annemarie and jason decided to have a hen and stag night.
The night arrives of the partys.Jason goes out with andy and nathan to london,bot jason doesn`t know london at all.Meanwhile annemarie is with katie at home and are having ther party.Annemarie goes into the kitchen to get more drinks and to her surprise ther was john,pauls brother and exlover.John grabbed her and put her in the car and drove off.Katie went into the kitchen to get annemarie but she was not there.Katie ran out of the house and saw john drive off very fast.Katie phoned annemaries mum,called sarah.
Sarah came round as fast as she could,she tried to ring annemarie but got no answer.Sarah asks katie which way the car went.Katie tried to tell her which way they went,then sarah got into the car and tried to find them,but had no look.Sarah phoned jason and told him to come home straight away,jason replied"i cant my mates have left me here and i dont know the way home from here.So sarah phoned andy and nathan and said"get jason home as soon as you can".Then they new something was wrong.
Jason came home as quick as he could and noticed katie was crying and worked out something must of been wrong.He went in his car to try to find her,but got no look.Then jason gets a phone call and it was john.He said"i want a thousand pounds or i will kill her,and i dont want any police involved or i will kill her".Jason told annemaries mum and she decided to go to the police.jason said"no you cant""yes i can" sarah went anyway.
The police came up with a plan,and gave jason the money.Jason went to get annemarie,he got ther and saw john withthe gun.john noticed the police and pulled the trigger and the gun went off !

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