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The Color Code
(Taylor Hartman, Ph. D.)

This personality profile guide written by a psychologist gives new meaning to the term ?Show your true colors.? According to Dr. Hartman, the four basic personality types are: Red, Blue, Yellow and White. The synopses for each color bring to mind familiar sayings such as 'Seeing Red'; 'True Blue Friend'; 'Mellow Yellow' or 'Wave the White Flag'. Usually random sample groups after reading the basic descriptions will categorize themselves into roughly equal groups. But when they answer the 45 question profile, the breakdown is closer to Blue (35%), Red (30%), Yellow (20%), and White (15%).
Red personalities are motivated by power. They are generally leaders, adventurers and risk takers. Often logical, focused and responsible, they can be tactless, insensitive and arrogant. Reds can be either born leaders or control freaks. They crave authority, respect and efficiency. They don?t easily admit mistakes and they despise weakness. They will do whatever they feel they must in order to be recognized and appreciated by society.
Blue personalities value personal loyalty and commitment. They are quality oriented, sincere, honest and purposeful. Often, they are manipulative, easily depressed and unforgiving of perceived slights. Sometimes they are self-righteous, irrational, judgmental and suspicious. They can be steadfastly loyal or blindly devoted. They crave understanding and appreciation. They believe that virtue is its own reward.
Yellow personalities tend to be friendly, optimistic and trusting. They are open, forgiving and appreciative. Although sometimes they are irresponsible, rebellious and self centered; they can also be charming and amazingly versatile. They value play, welcome praise and enjoy popularity. They are fun-loving, easy-going, happy people who enjoy life to the fullest and eagerly seek new experiences and excitement.
White personalities are the most tolerant. They can be patient, cooperative, independent and remarkably balanced. They can also be quietly obsessive, timid, apathetic and silently stubborn. Although they are excellent listeners, they can be extremely uninvolved and hesitant to commit. They can see the merits of all sides of an argument and often make good arbitrators. However, they refuse to make a decision until all the facts are in.
People are seldom motivated by only one character trait, but they often have one pronounced or dominant color personality.

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