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The Crystal Shard
(R.A. Salvatore)

When it comes to elves, dragons and danger Salvatore stands alone in the way he mesmerizes his audience with his ability to make the pages come alive. In one of his most famous works the crystal shard his talent hi evident. Drizzt Do?Urden an unlikely hero born of a race know from their cruelty has overcome many hardships. The color of his skin always a deciding factor in his treatment by those around him. After years of living on the outskirts of a group of rough towns in the baron tundra of Icewind Dale, Drizzt still is considered nothing more than a unwanted neighbor. Though the townsfolk do not accept him, he makes it threw his days spending times with the dwarf Brunnor, and his adopted Daughter Cattibrie. When the towns of Icewind Dale are threatened by an wizard holding an evil magical artifact the Crystal Shard Drizzt and his friends comes to the towns aid risking their lives to save the very people who judge them by the color of his skin. This story is riveting and masterfully written, filled with heroic deeds as Drizzt battles not only the evil that has come to destroy his new home, but also as he battles the undeserved hate of the people he protects.

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