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In a land where hate is commonplace, Drizzt Do'Urden is an oddity; unlike his drow brethren, he understands the meaning of compassion and love. During his life in the underdark he fights against the painful truth of his legacy as an elite drow warrior. One day Drizzt is sent above ground to kill a band of surface elves. Soon he finds himself faced with a terrifying choice to kill an innocent child or die. Our unlikely hero hides the child under its mother?s dead corpse, unknowingly bringing forth the anger of his race?s evil god, and throwing his family into her disfavor. With his family out to kill him with the hopes of once again gaining the favor of their God, Drizzt must retreat into the farthest corner of the underdark, his only friend is that of a panther. His journey through the lightless underdark is trying and full of danger. The constant solitude and lack of companionship threatens to bring Drizzt to the brink of insanity. Before he is consumed by a purely predatory life, he finds a few unlikely friends to aid him along his way. After years of surviving in the underdark and the loss one of his few friends, Drizzit begins making his way to the surface world. His hopes high that it would be a more inviting world than the endless darkness he had been born in to. This compelling and breathtaking novel will keep you intrigued to the last page and have you begging for more.

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