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Houdini: The Career Of Erich Weiss
(Silverman, Kenneth)

This extraordinary book documents an interesting period around the turn of the nineteenth century. Erich Weiss was an interesting, likable and dynamic man with a tendency towards extremism. He was an exciting daredevil of an escape artist. While, like most people, I probably would have preferred to see him in action at his peak, the book brings to life the essential traits and behaviors of the man.

His tragic death is explained in accurate, informative detail. The book was clearly researched and detailed. An excellent chronology of his life and events accompanies this biography. This is quite an achievement and must have taken years to write.

Fortunately, the author is also interested in the personal life of the man and his real nature. One gets a glimpse of what his marriage, childhood, travels and home life were like. It is too bad that not many people are still around to tell us anything about Harry Houdini. I definitely recommend this book. It is nearly as long as War and Peace, though.

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