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The Eye Of The World
(Robert Jordan)

The Eye of the World is the first book to a series named The Wheel of Time.
Written by Robert Jordan, it is considered one of
the best Fantasy series written to day, on par with the Lord of the
Ring series. The story follows the lives of Rand, Matt, Perrin, Egwene,
and Nynaeve as they are brought out of thier home village and shown
what the world is really like by Moiraine and Lan.
As you can see, there is alot of characters to
follow in this story. That, however, is it's claim to fame. Robert
Jordan does such a masterful job in exploring each character that by
the end of it, it feels like you actually know each and every character.
The storyline if twisting and surprising but, to
give a very general summary, it is about a prophecy of The Dragon being
reborn and either saving or breaking the world. The adventurers are
thrown into the mix, most unwillingly, due to a series of unfortunate
events. They have to cross a world they've lived in their entire lives
but have never seen more then their little cornor of. Along the journey
they meet new characters, monsters named Trollocs that try to kill
them, and people who follow that dark lord that are trying to capture
The main character of the group is Rand, although
the rest get plenty of time in the spotlight to develope. He is the
unwilling hero of the story. Moiraine believes him to be the Dragon
Reborn but he is repulsed by even the idea of it. As the story
continues, you see him and his friends grow from simple farm children
to world worn travelers. They loose their ignorant innocence and are
shown the truth of the world they live in. Monsters exist, loved ones
die, and the continuance of the world may just be depending on their

If you are a fan of any kind of fantasy book, it
connot be highly recommended enough that you pick this series up. Even
if you are interested in more action packed books, a la R.A. Salvatore,
this series will surely grab you and keep ahold of you until you finish

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